Hibernate used with H2 - In Memory DB needed

We are developing new Genealogy solution based on Java and H2 database. Hibernate ORM seems to be a promising as alternative to manual handling of database with ResultSet. However all examples I have seen with H2 and hibernate use “in Memory” H2 database option. Out solution use H2 as ordinary embedded H2 database stored in the filesystem.
Qestion: Need the H2 database to run in “in Memory” mode when used with Hibernate?

No, you don’t have to. That’s unrelated to Hibernate ORM, by the way: this is a configuration option of H2; you’ll simply use a different JDBC URL depending on where you want H2 to store its data.

See in particular the H2 documentation:

Database URLs

jdbc:h2:~/test ‘test’ in the user home directory
jdbc:h2:/data/test ‘test’ in the directory /data
jdbc:h2:./test in the current(!) working directory

jdbc:h2:mem:test multiple connections in one process, database is removed when all connections are closed
jdbc:h2:mem:test;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1 multiple connections in one process, database in not removed when all connections are closed (may create a memory leak)
jdbc:h2:mem: unnamed private; one connection

Server Mode
jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/~/test user home dir
jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost//data/test or jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/D:/data/test absolute dir
Server start:java -cp *.jar org.h2.tools.Server

jdbc:h2:..;MODE=MySQL;DATABASE_TO_LOWER=TRUE compatibility (or HSQLDB,…)
jdbc:h2:..;TRACE_LEVEL_FILE=3 log to *.trace.db

Thanks for the answer. Then I see that Hibernate and H2 also will work in H2 Server mode.


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