HIbernate Search MultiTenancy Multiple ElasticSearch backend

HI, I Have microservice with multitenancy using AbstractRoutingDataSource and pass in the request the tenancy, according the tenancy I connect with different oracle database

So we do not use MultiTenancy based on column tenantId, is mult database connection

Is possible on hibernate search to point to different elasticsearch backend, based on the request tenant?

Example ID in the request the tenant is SIQ01 go to elasticsearch1.siq.com.br:9200 and if SIQ02 go to elasticsearch2.siq.com.br:9200

This is not possible at the moment, no.

I think it would require something like [HSEARCH-3683] - Hibernate JIRA , with some more changes to make the routing bridge aware of the tenant ID.

Actually it already is: hibernate-search/mapper/pojo-base/src/main/java/org/hibernate/search/mapper/pojo/bridge/runtime/RoutingBridgeRouteContext.java at 46f3279bb9159fbd60cdc6b70b20c923f7b57a3f · hibernate/hibernate-search · GitHub

Still, we’d need to address [HSEARCH-3683] - Hibernate JIRA first.

Alternatively, this could be handled at the backend level, by adding a new multi-tenancy strategy, but I suspect this would be more complex to implement. Feel free to open a feature request, but I personally won’t have time to do more than guide a contributor (you?) while they implement the feature.

Thanks for the reply, We need this because we want not mix data for differnet tenants in the same elasticsearch server, we need do separate the data for complience