Hibernate search in standalone jars

I am using hibernate-search version 5.9.3.Final. When i use hibernate-search through my app-server i.e tomcat , I am able to observe that hibernate indices are getting updated after every insert/update/delete statements . However, when i execute similar steps through my standalone jar indices are not getting updated.I observed in my jar, hibernate search libraries are packaged just fine.

Any pointer would be helpful.

Enable logs for org.hibernate.search, and look for logs similar to Hibernate Search version {5.9.3.Final} on startup.
If you don’t get that, then Hibernate Search is not starting, which means Hibernate ORM did not find it, which means Hibernate Search is not packaged correctly.

As to the reason: maybe you forgot to add hibernate-search-orm, maybe your “standalone JAR” generation tool messed up the META-INF directories inside the JARs; I cannot possibly know, since I do not know how you generate your “standalone JAR”.