Hibernate mult-Tenant not working in javaee

Hello, I’m trying to setup a multi tenant app on glassfish 7.0.10 and Mysql 8 with hibernate, I defined a SchemaMultiTenantConnectionProvider and the tenant context, I’m using a separate schemas and when 2 or more schemas (customers) are using the app the information from one schema ends up in the other schemas view.
The getConnection method on the provider changes the schema

        Connection myDSConnection = myDS.getConnection();
        myDSConnection.createStatement().execute(String.format("USE %s;",     s.toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT)));

I can’t figure out why its doing this, as there are no errors in the log. I tried the glassfish pool the mysql jdbc pool and I still have the same problem.

I don’t know if its a bug in hibernate or the glassfish/mysql pool

Has anyone run into this problem or have any suggestions ?

Please share your SchemaMultiTenantConnectionProvider implementation.