Hibernate FileZippedJarVisitor file not found exception

We hava a multimodule springboot app which is deployed using java -jar command.

During Database call, Hibernate FileZippedJarVisitor method doProceesElemnt() is called and it throws FileNotFound Exception for path something like …/abc.jar!/BOOT-INF/lib/def.jar. When i unzip abc.jar , i can see def.jar inside BOOT_INF/lib folder but FileZippedJarVisitor is throwing File Not Found exception.

Application runs fine when i run it from Eclipse/STS. I am using springboot 1.5.10 and Hibernate version is 4.2.19 Final.

Try to debug it and see why it does not work. You are using a very old version of Hibernate, and the FileZippedJarVisitor no longer exist in the current version (5.3).

Thanks sir for the guidance.
After simplyfying the DB interaction in the code, I m not getting this issue anymore.


I’m glad you found a solution.