Hibernate Bytecode Enhancement for a Groovy Project

I’m attempting to use the hibernate plugin in my Spring Boot groovy project. I added the following configuration to my build.gradle

buildscript {
	ext {
		hibernateVersion = '5.3.7.Final'
	dependencies {
apply plugin: 'org.hibernate.orm'

hibernate {
	enhance {

But I am unable to use bytecode enhanced features like lazy loading properties. I look at my decompiled groovy (I’m using @CompileStatic) and I see no bytecode enhancement.

Inside of the plugin, the enhancement task executes this line:

final Task compileTask = project.getTasks().findByName( sourceSet.getCompileJavaTaskName() );

which will always return CompileJava which will never work for me since I use CompileGroovy. Are there any known work arounds for this?

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