Hibernate 6 JPA performance degradation

we upgrade from springboot2/hibernate5 to springboot3/hibernate6(.2.17).
We see 10*k% degradation in performance for VERY SIMPLE AND QUICK queries, no joins. simple models. it happen more in high frequency queries.
is it known issue? is there a higher “fix” price on hibernate 6 so high freq queries might take longer?
List findByFieldAAndFieldbAndFieldcAndFielddIsNullAndFieldeIsNull()

hibernate 5 sql:

select {account0_.`fielda` as account_1_0_,...} 
from `tabl` account0_ where
and account0_.`fieldb`=? 
and account0_.`fieldc`=? 
and (account0_.`fieldd` is null) 
and (account0_.`fielde` is null)

hibernate 6 sql:

select {a1_0.`fielda`,...}
        `tabl` a1_0 
        and a1_0.`fieldb`=? 
        and a1_0.`fieldc`=? 
        and a1_0.`fieldd` is null 
        and a1_0.`fielde` is null```

I have reported query performance regressions in Hibernate 6 here:

And there is a corresponding Jira Ticket:


I don’t know if your issue has a similar root cause, but the best thing you can do is to create a reproducer for your issues.

Take a look at the JMH tests I wrote to demonstrate the performance regressions I’m facing.