Hibernate 6.2.2 Querydsl 5.0.0 transform function is not working

Hi, I practice to study spring boot with making a small size project.
I usually use spring boot version 2.x and recently upgrade 3.x and hibernate version is 6.2.2 .
After upgrade I coding with querydsl without any problem.
But I’m trying to transform(groupBy().list()) function, does not working.

This is the error.
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ‘java.lang.Object org.hibernate.ScrollableResults.get(int)’

  • at com.querydsl.jpa.ScrollableResultsIterator.next(ScrollableResultsIterator.java:70)*
  • at com.querydsl.core.group.GroupByMap.transform(GroupByMap.java:57)*
  • at com.querydsl.core.group.GroupByMap.transform(GroupByMap.java:35)*
  • at com.querydsl.core.support.FetchableQueryBase.transform(FetchableQueryBase.java:55)*

I try this code in hibernate 5.6.14 with spring boot 2.7.8 and it was worked.
Can you tell me if you know anything about this?
Thank you.

You should ask this question in the QueryDSL community. Maybe open a ticket in their issue tracker: Issues · querydsl/querydsl · GitHub