Hibernate 4 to 5 migration with existing Table-Based generators

We migrated from Hibernate 4 to 5, one major problem was the new generator, which generates the IDs for the table rows. Our old generators are all table based, like

@TableGenerator(name = TABLE_NAME + "_generator", table = ...)
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.TABLE
... private Long id;

The new default generator from Hibernate 5 doesn’t respect that correctly and generates new ids seemingly “from scratch”, so you get “Already existing ID” exceptions when new rows are inserted.

All clean solutions I found were based on the idea that Hibernate 4 was used previously in AUTO-Mode ( @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) ), but we always used GenerationType.TABLE .

The “dirty” solution: Add <property name="hibernate.id.new_generator_mappings" value="false"/> to Hibernates persistence.xml . The result: Our existing databases can be used without problems, except: Constant warnings from Hibernate

HHH90000015: Found use of deprecated [org.hibernate.id.MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator] table-based id generator; use org.hibernate.id.enhanced.TableGenerator instead.  See Hibernate Domain Model Mapping Guide for details.]]

My question is: How can we keep the original database, stop using deprecated code, and correctly create new rows with new IDs, not colliding with existing IDs?

Especially since it’s said Hibernates 5 pooled identifier generators are better than the table ones: https://vladmihalcea.com/hibernate-hidden-gem-the-pooled-lo-optimizer/