Getting the integration test error in spring boot

springboot integration test giving error NoSuchMethod Error : ‘*.getTypeConfiguration()’

Is there a question you wanted to ask us? How are we supposed to help you with this little information? Please share full details on the problem you’re encountering, when it’s occurring and why you think it might be related to Hibernate.

Im getting this error while spring boot integration test is running with hibernate, where in if we move to4.x the error disappears,
the error im facing with 5.6.9 as we have added CrudRepo and previously we were using only pagingandsortingrepo, but some methods have been moved to crudrepo so we have added crudrepo after upgrade

How are we supposed to help you with no information at all about the context where this error is happening? In any case, Hibernate 5.6 is currently receiving limited support. If you want help from the community, I suggest upgrading to a supported version and if the issue persists, feel free to open a bug report in our issue trucker that includes a reproducer test case that demonstrates how the error is triggered.

Here you can find additional information on the latest releases and commercial support options.