Follow-up: Extra records created when enhancing classes

Hi folks. I submitted a ticket about extraneous database records being created early this month and it seems like it is just sitting there after an initial review. I appreciate all the work the Hibernate team does on these tickets, but I’d like to know what to expect and how to go forward. This is an important issue that is holding up our conversion to Hibernate from another JPA implementation.

It would be nice to know if the ticket is considered low-priority or is not going to be addressed in the near future. If so, we could try to implement a fix ourselves.

Here’s the ticket:

Thank you
Rob Scala

Hi @robscala ,

I’m going to investigate the issue next week.
By the way an workaround is not to initialize the association in the constructor, not sure if it is possible with bytecode enhancement to understand if the association has been set by the user or if it has been created in the constructor.

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Thank you. I want to avoid that work-around if possible because it it a lot of code for my many entities.