flushDirty() in custom interceptor triggered for non-changed entities when default_batch_fetch_size is set?

Hi there,
using Hibernate 5.3.4, I’m playing with “hibernate.default_batch_fetch_size”. To ensure some testing data integrity, I have integrated a test interceptor that extends from EmptyInterceptor and then throw some exceptions on invalid operations in flushDirty. Now, I found that when hibernate.default_batch_fetch_size is set to >1, some entities are processed in onFlushDirty which does not happen when no default_batch_fetch_size is set.

Is there already a logical explanation for this or is it worth providing some some code?

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The onFlushDirty should be called if the entities were found dirty, meaning that an update is necessary.

If you spot a case when that does not happen, please provide a replicating test case as it might be a bug.

To me, it seems the other way around that a batch fetch size triggers flushDirty where it is not required. So this seems strange, so I try to provide a test case when I can spare time.

That’s worth investigating indeed. Thanks for taking your time and looking forward to your test case.