Feature Request: Introduce a parameter in @Column(order = int) Annotation

Hello Community, I am just starting out with JPA and Hibernate, I would love a feature where the columns in the logical database are ordered according to the developer, using the @Column annotation.
Example: @Column(name = “Employee_id” , order = 1)

What are your thoughts on this, or are there any workaround for re-arranging logical columns?

Thank you.

Is this for HBM2DDL tool? And why would the column order would make any difference?

I am developing a project for my college and after the development one of my professor will be the db admin.
I came across this issue, hence posted here.
Well I solved my problem by naming them so that it arranged it self as the required order. But it would be a nice addition to the framework.
Also I didn’t wanted to bother the core team with opening an issue on Github:smile::sweat_smile:

But it would be a nice addition to the framework.

I doubt that. There is no need to have the columns in any order. More, there is no reason to use the HBM2DDL tool in production. You need something like Flyway anyway.

Read this article for more details: