Envers - missing plural attributes in metamodel

I would like to query my audit tables using hql which should be possible because envers relies on that internally.
But the metamodel of the Audit table is missing the declaredPluralAttributes which is null.

I have an Entity:

class Book {
  private List<Author> authors;

The query might look like:

select a
from com.example.Book_AUD b
join b.authors a

So the EntityTypeImpl of the main Book class has one declared plural attribute “authors” which is missing on the EntityTypeImpl for “com.example.Book_AUD”

Is this a bug in envers or is there a known workaround to be able to join this list attribute?

First a disclaimer, this is all internal and there is no guarantee on the model of Envers entities.
For collections, Envers creates special entities e.g. com.mycompany.Book_authors which map the table structure for this collection. If you want to query that, you will have to join that entity name.