Envers - CollectionPersister is null

When using Hibernate envers 5.6.7, in high concurency setting class org.hibernate.envers.event.spi.EnversPreCollectionRemoveEventListenerImpl method onPreRemoveCollection throws NPE on Cannot invoke "org.hibernate.persister.collection.CollectionPersister.isInverse()" because the return value of "org.hibernate.engine.spi.CollectionEntry.getLoadedPersister()" is null.
This happen in Spring Boot 2.7 app when accesing entity that has @ManyToOne relationship. This exception is preceeded with StaleStateException. I did not manage to simulate this behavior in local develoment. Did anyone encountered this NPE?

After an exception is thrown like e.g. a StaleStateException the state of a Session might be inconsistent, so everything can happen. You should just close a Session if that happens.