Download links not working

I tried to download hibernate 5.6.15 (zip) but the link doesn’t work. The file is not at sourceforge. Older versions (5.6.14, .13…) are also not available. The links to Maven artifacts don’t work either. This also applies to the newer versions. The maven links lead to a search page, but version 5.6 doesn’t seem to be available there either.
A second question: Is it possible to create zip files with all dependencies again for the newer versions (6.1…)?

Nobody complained that we dropped support for Sourceforge so far. You are the first one. Note that you can download all the transitive dependencies with build tools, so you don’t need a full ZIP.
The core artifacts are here on Maven Central:

See here for how to copy all project dependencies into a folder: Apache Maven Dependency Plugin – Copying specific artifacts

While Christian is correct, it is true that there seems to be problems on our website:

  • Our links to maven work, but point to the old Maven Central website, which seems to have some javascript redirection that doesn’t correctly preserve context (so it redirects to the main page, not to the Hibernate artifacts). I’ll try to convert our links to point to the new Maven Central website.
  • We have download links on our website for 5.6.6+ even though we didn’t upload ZIPs for those versions, so those links are dead. I’ll try to hide them.

EDIT: Created [WEBSITE-640] - Hibernate JIRA to track these problems.

However, on the Maven Central page I find only newer versions 5.6.15 I can not find there.