Does Hibernate ORM Support Parallel Query


I’m trying to determine if Hibernate 5.1.10 supports parallel queries for PostGres. I haven’t found anything to say that it does/doesn’t.


Try to elaborate your question because it’s not clear what you are asking.


Thank you for the response. I’m just researching if Hibernate 5.1.10 has an implementation to support parallel queries for Postgres. I don’t have a direct problem related to this question. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hibernate does not need to do anything so that PostgreSQL use parallel queries. Just configure PostgreSQL to use parallel queries and then any query, no matter where it comes from (JDBC, Hibernate) can benefit from parallelism.

Thank you very much. I wasn’t sure if that was the case. I read a few articles that led me to that same conclusion, but my lack of overall familiarity with parallel queries and the full hibernate tool kit I didn’t want to chance I might be wrong.