Do "SQLInsert"'s getting batched?

My question is pretty simple… i need to use a custom “SQLInsert” at some point in my code because i need to ignore duplicates.

Does “SQLInsert” breaks the automatic hibernate batching of entities getting saved/updated ? Or do they get batched normally ?

A little example of my entity i need to save :slight_smile:
Would be glad for any help on this question :wink:

 * Represents a ID of a {@link com.artemis.Entity} which is unique for each entity and mostly the database id
@Table(name = "identity")
@SQLInsert(sql = "insert into identity(tag, typeID, id) values(?,?,?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id = VALUES(id), tag = values(tag), typeID = values(typeID)")
@SelectBeforeUpdate(value = false)
public class Identity extends Component {

    public long id;
    public String tag;
    public short typeID;

    public Identity() {}
    public Identity(long id, String tag, short typeID) { = id;this.tag = tag;this.typeID = typeID; }