DDL support for partition

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I saw these conversations:

forum discussion: Partitioning in DDL

blog article (about partition key support): Hibernate ORM 6.2 - Partitioning support - In Relation To

And I think there’s a great, brand-new service for declarative schema management: atlas (with atlas-provider-hibernate)

Atlas let us to generate DDL from ORMs, versioned migrations, schema tests, and other beautiful things.
This means developers are able to select JPA Entity first approach.

But with advanced DDLs like partition is not supported by hibernate yet and atlas-provider-hibernate uses hibernate’s ddl generation, there’s no way to support partition while atlas has strong support for partition.

I think, from now, DDL support for partitioning could be a great feature for Atlas users.

I’m a new user so I couldn’t insert more than 2 links in the post.

Atlas project: https://atlasgo.io
atlas-provider-hibernate: GitHub - ariga/atlas-provider-hibernate: Hibernate provider for https://atlasgo.io

Hello, as you can read from the original forum post Hibernate explicitly opted for a minimal approach first to get the partitioning support out as soon as possible so that our users could take advantage of its performance aspects.

If you believe that DDL support is a desirable new feature I would suggest you create a new feature request ticket in our issue tracker so that it will be registered and that other users with the same need can vote for it or add their point of view in the comments.

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