Create Query - No superclass fields found

hibernate-core - 6.1.7.Final

Root class:

@Table(name = "pet")
@EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = true)
public class Pet extends BaseManualUuidEntity {

    @Column(name = "name")
    private String name;

Extended Class

public abstract class BaseManualUuidEntity {

    @Column(name = "ID", unique = true, nullable = false)
    protected UUID id;
        final CriteriaBuilder cb = entityManager.getCriteriaBuilder();
        final CriteriaQuery<Pet> cq = cb.createQuery(Pet.class);
        final Root<Pet> root = cq.from(Pet.class);

        final List<Selection<?>> selections = Lists.newArrayList();

        final List<Predicate> predicates = Lists.newArrayList(
                cb.equal(root.get("id"), UUID.fromString("358d67a6-87ad-4fd7-9348-b8247a60cd29")),
                cb.equal(root.get("name"), "Ronaldo")
       cq.where(Iterables.toArray(predicates, Predicate.class));

      final List<Pet> resultList = entityManager.createQuery(cq).getResultList();

After running the code, it receives an error:

org.hibernate.query.sqm.sql.internal.InstantiationException: Unable to determine dynamic instantiation injection strategy for pl.esp.hibernate.model.Pet#id

After analyzing the errors, I arrive at such a place in the org.hibernate.sql.results.graph.instantiation.internal.DynamicInstantiationAssemblerInjectionImpl class.
There follows a verification of the availability of fields only in the main class. How to deal with this?

In version 6.3.0.CR1 I have a similar problem, just a different error.

org.hibernate.query.sqm.sql.internal.InstantiationException: Cannot set field 'id' to instantiate 'pl.esp.hibernate.model.Pet'

Seems like you found a bug. Please create an issue in the issue tracker( with a test case( that reproduces the issue.