Could not convert 'java.util.ArrayList' to 'java.lang.String' using ''

Issue occurs on Spring Boot 3.0.6 with core hibernate 6.4.3.Final and 6.1.7.Final.
Issue is specifically a query checking if a string returned from a column is in a list supplied as a parameter:

public interface BalanceRepository extends JpaRepository<Balance, Long> {

@Query(value = "" +
    "select new" +
    "record.billNumber, " +
    "record.fiscalWeek, " +
    "record.fiscalYear, " +
    "record.billDate, " +
    "record.recordStatus, " +
    "record.moneyType, " +
    "record.vendorId, " +
    "record.vendorName, " +
    "record.paymentAddressName, " +
    "record.paymentAddressLine1, " +
    "record.paymentAddressLine2, " +
    "record.paymentAddressZip, " +
    "record.paymentAddressTown, " +
    "record.paymentAddressCountry, " +
    "record.closeTime, " +
    "record.dispatchTime) " +
    "from BillingRecord record " +
    "where 1=1 " +
    "and (:fiscalWeek is null or record.fiscalWeek = :fiscalWeek) " +
    "and (:fiscalYear is null or record.fiscalYear = :fiscalYear) " +
    "and (:recordStatus is null or record.recordStatus = :recordStatus) " +
    "and (:vendorId is null or record.vendorId = :vendorId) " +
    "and (:billNumber is null or record.billNumber = :billNumber) " +
    "and (:orderNumber is null or record.billNumber in " +
    "(select deal.billId from Deal deal where deal.orderId = :orderNumber)) " +
    "and (:dispatched is null or (:dispatched = true and record.dispatchTime is not null) or (:dispatched = false and record.dispatchTime is null)) " +
    "and (:moneyType is null or (:moneyTypeIncluded = true and record.moneyType in :moneyType) or (:moneyTypeIncluded = false and record.moneyType not in :moneyType)) " +
    "and (:ledgerExportId is null or record.ledgerExportId = :ledgerExportId)")
List<BillingRecordDto> fetchBillingRecords(@Param("fiscalWeek") Integer fiscalWeek,
                                           @Param("fiscalYear") Integer fiscalYear,
                                           @Param("recordStatus") BillStatus recordStatus,
                                           @Param("vendorId") Long vendorId,
                                           @Param("billNumber") Long billNumber,
                                           @Param("orderNumber") Long orderNumber,
                                           @Param("dispatched") Boolean dispatched,
                                           @Param("moneyType") List<String> moneyType,
                                           @Param("moneyTypeIncluded") Boolean moneyTypeIncluded,
                                           @Param("ledgerExportId") Long ledgerExportId);

Which throws an error, inconsistently, in Hibernate

2024-02-08 17:14:01,775 ERROR [http-nio-8081-exec-2  ] org.apache.juli.logging.DirectJDKLog: Servlet.service() for servlet [dispatcherServlet] in context with path [] threw exception [Request processing failed: org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: Parameter value [[GBP]] did not match expected type [SqmBasicValuedSimplePath(]] with root cause
org.hibernate.HibernateException: Could not convert 'java.util.ArrayList' to 'java.lang.String' using '' to wrap

To be precise moneyType here in the object is a string.
Taking out the list and doing a search by single parameter with = works fine.
This seems to be the same issue as descrbied here java - Exception thrown in jpa query with List parameter after Spring Boot 3 upgrade - Stack Overflow but I can’t find any topic on it here. Likewise this should be a legal operation with an example here JPA + Hibernate - JPQL IN Expression Example.

If it helps its an Oracle DB but I don’t think that’s relevant. Can anyone let me know if the sytax has somehow changed or if this is a known bug with still no solution yet.

Passing a list parameter (moneyType in your example) to anything but an IN predicate is not supported. I see in your query you’re using it in a is null predicate, and I imagine that is what’s causing the issue.

This kind of error has been reported before (see e.g. [HHH-17677] - Hibernate JIRA and [HHH-15743] - Hibernate JIRA for more details). We might want to throw a more informative error message, could you please open a new ticket in our issue tracker and include a simple reproducer test case that triggers the error?