ClassNotFoundException: org hibernate.collection.PersistentSet + Hibernate 5.4

We are migrating from hinernate 3 to 5.4.

Application is sending message to JMS queue, but while receiving we are getting this exception for some of the messages. The object we are sending has one to many relation.

Tried to find out the root cause but not able to find out why it’s referring hibernate 3 class . The Object we are sending has a one-to-many relation

We have used Spring 5.2.6,Hibernate 5.4.18, Weblogic, java 8

in the below, it is raising the exception though nowhere I have used this class

Serializable obj =((ObjectMessage) message).getObject()

Exception: sorry can not add the whole trace

Weblogic.jms.common.JMSException[JMSClientExceptions:055115]Error deserializing an object
Caused By: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org hibernate.collection.PersistentSet

Obviously, if you are using Java Serialization, both sides, the sending and receiving side must use matching Hibernate versions. If you don’t need the persistence information, it’s probably best if you serialize the object to JSON instead or just align the Hibernate versions.