Can we use only one table for all hibernate envers auditing?

  1. Using conditional auditing can we store the values in the single common table for all audited entities? If yes could you please provide some samples.
  2. Is it possible to use a dynamic configuration like maintain the auditing entities in a configuration table so that entities are audited or specific fields in an entity are audited using that configuration only.

Thanks in advance.

No, it is not possible to audit all data in a single table. Every table needs a separate audit table. All audit tables are connected to a REVINFO table though which contains transaction related information.

Thanks for your prompt response. Much appreciated.
Please advise, Can we achieve the above using Javers?

I have no idea what Javers is, so better ask in the forum of that library.

Thanks for your reply.

No, that is not possible . Only table-per-entity strategies are available currently.