Can I get the total results in advance?

Currently I use hibernate search api enabling search pagination as

jpaQuery.setFirstResult((pageNumber - 1) * pageSize).setMaxResults(pageSize).getResultList();

Now I just want to know how many results in total, or how many pages in total in advance without querying for a second time like


Because that is not ideal and not necessarily to hit the ES second time.

Any one could help?

You can just call jpaQuery.getResultSize(). If you fetched a page from the same query object (using getResultList(), the result size will be cached and it won’t trigger a new request.

By the way, this method is mentioned in the documentation.

Cool, that means we just hit ES just only once right? Because of cache

Yes. Unless you change some query parameters such as max results/first result, in which case the cache gets cleared, and the next call will retrieve both the results list and the result size.