Automatically setting child's parent using Hibernate

I have two classes: Pessoa and Telefone (person and phone)

@OneToMany(mappedBy="pessoa",cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
    private List<Telefone> telefones = new ArrayList<Telefone>();

and on Telefone side:

 @JoinColumn(name = "pessoa_id",referencedColumnName = "id",foreignKey = @ForeignKey(name="Fk_TelefonePessoa"))
    private Pessoa pessoa;

If I add a phone by directly calling the “add()” method of the List, the phone object will stay with the .pessoa property null, then I have to set it before saving.

If i dont, when hibernate save that objects, the foreign key will be null.

   Pessoa pessoa = new Pessoa();
         pessoa.setNome("Teste de inclusao de pessoa 2");
         pessoa.getTelefones().add(new Telefone("15", "12345123"));
         pessoa.getTelefones().add(new Telefone("15", "123123232"));   
         pessoa.getTelefones().add(new Telefone( "15", "3232233232"));

Is there a way to make hibernate set this property for me automatically or it is not possible?


You could use the hibernate.enhancer.enableAssociationManagement Bytecode Enhancement option, but I don’t recommend it.

Better to add two utility methods: addChild and removeChild to synchronize both ends of the association. For more detail, check out this article.

Why is hibernate.enhancer.enableAssociationManagement not recommended?

Because it only applies to the parent side, not to changes done on the child side.

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Thank you for the answer!