Assistance with hibernate console configuration


I have a simple hibernate project and try to use the hibernate console from Jboss Hibernate tools.
The db connection (mysql) works, session factory and configuration are also fine.
I open hql on atable and execute a query. This returns error:

org.hibernate.type.SerializationException: could not deserialize.

I searched on the web , but could not find anything that works.

Info on configuration and versions:
Console configuration: Type: JPA, Hibernate Version 5.0 , database connection: ‘MySQL8015’,persistence unit, MySQL dialect.
Eclipse 4.13
JBoss Tools Hibernate 5.4.6v20191022
Hibernate Version of project 5.3.6 - according to logging

when I select version 5.3.6 in console configuration it cannot connect to database - it return an exception saying ‘schema-validation: missing table xx’

Is there a solution to solve the serialization error with 5.0 ?

Thank you!