About @GenerationType AUTO/SEQUENCE in MySQL

If we use MySQL and “GenerationType AUTO” in Spring Data JPA, what generator Hibernate 6 will use by default? TABLE or IDENTITY or SEQUENCE or no one of this?

In previous versions it were:
Hibernate 4 used IDENTITY
Hibernate 5 used TABLE

What Hibernate 6 is using?

MySQL doesn’t have sequences. Hibernate 6 create additional table for sequences, if we use AUTO or SEQUENCE. Does it mean that Hibernate 6 use TABLE generator by default in MySQL?

Please help clarify me, I’m confused. Different sources give different information.

Hibernate 6 will use a sequence table per entity. Also see hibernate-orm/migration-guide.adoc at 6.0 · hibernate/hibernate-orm · GitHub

Thank you! I see now on link you provided: “As of 6.0, Hibernate by default creates a sequence per entity hierarchy instead of a single sequence hibernate_sequence”.