Override the NodeSelectorService for jgroups backend


I would like to override the NodeSelectorService in order to change the way the index master is selected:

Choosing the same master for all indexes would be simple to manage, especially for admin and indexing stuff.
Choosing the master can rely, for example, on LockService provided by jgroups : the lock holder is the master for all indexes.

My question is : Can I provide my own org.hibernate.search.backend.jgroups.impl.NodeSelectorService implementation ?

After looking in the code and documentation, there’s no simple way, since only one implementation of those services is accepted and there’s no way to make it as provided service.

The only solution I found, is to implement my own backend based on JGroupsBackend and replace the NodeSelectorService and MessageSenderService

by my own implementations… and this is not nice :frowning:

It could be nice, to have a clean way to do this.

Thank you!