MetamodelImpl implementors cache


I would like to know if there is any plan to backport this issue[1] to Hibernate 5.3. As I can see it is an issue fixed for 6.0 release but I think that it makes all the sense to have it also backported into 5.3 release.

I’ve a custom class which extends CriteriaImpl class, and it is part of our API. Having this fix included in 5.3 would help to reduce a lot the overhead of using this class. This is because currently the MetamodelImpl.getImplementators() method is iterating over all entity persisters available each time is invoked.

Thank you in advance.



If the change implies lots of changes, most likely it will not be back-ported.

Nevertheless, 6.0 will be released soon, so stay tuned for more details.


Honestly, I think that this is a feature that worths to be included in the release. Indeed it seems that is not very difficult to add the implementors cache at that point. It would be really great for us if it would be backported to 5.3 release, as for the moment we are not planning to upgrade to 6.0 in short term.


If you think it’s worth, send us a Pull Request with the backport and we will review it.


our proposal for 5.3, here you can find the PR:


Cool, thank for your contribution.