isJpaBootstrap to false?


To create EntityManagerFactory I use Bootstrap.getEntityManagerFactoryBuilder:

  public EntityManagerFactoryBuilder instancierEntityManagerFactoryBuilder(Map<String, String> settings) {
    return Bootstrap.getEntityManagerFactoryBuilder(new EfluidPersistenceUnitInfo(), settings, (ClassLoader) null);


it is automatically set to true when I use this method.

How to tell him that we do not want to be in jpaBootstrap?

Or is it better to leave it like this?

My case is simple, it would be to authorize the deletion of a detached entity.


You should bring this topic up in the Zulip #hibernate-dev channel. IMO it might be better to control this via the JPA compliance flag.

Ah I did not know Zulip!
I just registered there.
Thank you for your reply.

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