AuditQuery and relationships

At this point no, but of course it would be nice to have once you have time to implement it.

Hello @Naros,

Did you have any chance to look into this so far?


I totally understand that 6.0 is a huge undertaking, but is there any chance somebody can take a look into this problem? Sadly, I cannot find any workaround…

Hi @gbakalar, I am sorry to get back to this so late. I believe I may have a solution for 5.4 though I need to polish up the code a bit and add a few more test cases to verify that it works.


Thank you for your reply. Please let me know when you are complete with the 5.4 code, it will help a lot.

Btw, will it be in 6.0?



Hi @gbakalar, indeed. Any change made in 5.4 is being periodically merged into the 6.0 code base on intervals as the team is still actively fixing and improving 5.4 in parallel.